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Department Training Calendar: Hearing and Vision Screeners
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Hearing and Vision Screeners 

Location for Training (Room)


Start Time

11/5/2018 12:00 AM 

End Time

11/6/2018 11:59 PM 


·         Each school will need to place their 2 or more assigned dates on their own school web calendars.

·         Placing the date for parent view is considered one of the three required parent notifications.  Second notification is the parent-student handbook.  Third notification is the newsletter.

·         Please note each school should have at least 2 dates – one date on a M, T, Th, or F for their all day mass screening event and one date on a Wednesday for vision rescreen and absences.

·         When calendaring, please reserve an appropriate location for both the mass screening event and the vision rescreening date.  Those with an assigned hearing rescreen date need to reserve an appropriate small space as well.

·         Smaller schools are listed first starting in September; larger schools are listed later in the schedule around October break or later.  Junior highs are last in November.

·         Additionally, larger schools will have a third date for hearing rescreens.  Mountain View school will more than 4 assigned dates.

Just like real estate, location is very important.  The key to having a successful screening event is the school’s choice of location.  The mass screening event is only one day per year; make it a smooth one!   

If you want to trade dates with another school,  please call me at extension x4873 or 602-791-0488.



All Day Event






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